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Humanity not found

The search for a universal image as an investigation of thought, and the QR code that breaks away from its current function to show an interactive use that involves the observer.
To show that we are addicted to the screens of electronic devices and therefore “force” us to use them from a telephone, as a denunciation of alienating laziness. In order to present this analysis, the code was depicted not with electronic techniques, but banally by painting it on canvas. The work, like all QR codes, refers to a site that appears on the user’s electronic device: It contains a photo of a digital fusion of two figurative paintings: one depicts a sea, the other the back view of a woman. Humanity not found, is taken from the words “Error 404 – not found” which appears for the finding of a problem. The sense is to blur the figure to demonstrate the fading of human individuality in the media and technological context.


Art Exhibition

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