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By regarding water as fluidity of thoughts, and the learning process as capability to re-adapt ourselves to actions we are not used to anymore, I filmed “Focus”, a project that begins with a reset of senses that leads the viewer to re-educate his gaze to reach a different perspective. The evening has the
possibility to capture unique landscapes while the man is overwhelmed by colored shapes that are singing the light. Through the silence that belongs to the night, this video wants to tell about the exploratory action of a the typical baby’s gaze when opening his eyes for the first time, and the moment right after that he gets used to images and shapes that will become his reality. The shade of loneliness re-emerges, when it gets darker and the senses go elseway, bringing us to an illusory and evocative dimension, which crosses the boundary of the rational. Allowing the eye to play, gives the
thought the possibility to find peace and meditation. After a night of abandonment, the dawn announces its arrival, and the light resurfaces the frenzy of the day that obscures the freedom of the gaze.